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Did you know that as a British expat, you can back-date your national insurance contributions and pay future contributions for as little as £3.05pw?

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Acheiveing 35 years of NI contributions will help you recieve a full state pension of £9,110.40 per year!

We help UK Expats and ex-UK Residents review & maintain their National Insurance contributions to maximize UK State Pension Benefits. We also help review existing UK personal / workplace pension schemes, even if you have already transferred out to another arrangement.

Introductory Consultation

Expert Guidance

Our aim is not only to help you understand how National Insurance works and what sort of State Pension you can expect, but also to guide you along through the whole process.

We will set up an inital phone call or Zoom meeting to talk you through the levels of State Pension you can expect and how to make sure your National Insurance Contributions are paid in full. All of our inital consultations are complimentary. 

Strategic Planning Session

Know more about all of your Pensions

We are then able to further assist by helping you track down and find out more about your personal / workplace pensions. Once we know more we can guide you to making them work more effectively and as tax effecient as possible.

If you have more than one scheme, then it is always a good idea to consider consolidating them for ease of administration and management.

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